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About us

We made it our business to advise our clients on all topics of private or institutional money and wealth management. Together with our sister company, the “FORMAT Kanzlei für Investment und Finanzen GmbH” (since 2008), we provide a broad range of financial services. Founded in 2013, our young company is driven by an experienced team of managers with long term careers in private and institutional banking. Both companies are privately held and run by the management team.


Our Hometown of Hamburg, downtown
Our Hometown of Hamburg, Germany

Portfolio Management is our Passion

Working with the second highest available license for portfolio management in Germany, we still act under the supervision of the NFS Financial Service GmbH. This company helps us in fulfilling all supervisory rules by the supervisory authority (BaFin) here in Germany.

We pride ourselves on being active managers and are largely driven by value, as such we are not limited by benchmarks. As experienced professionals we constantly strive for, and we are convinced that we find, wrong valuated titles, within the market, to invest in to ensure the highest possible return for our trusted clients. Despite of evenly spread information, prices will deviate from their “real value”. Therefore we look for undervalued investment opportunities and of course for price bubbles as well. Our client base still consists mostly out of private mandates. Nevertheless we offer all our services to institutional investors (e.g. foundations or investment companies) as well. Our business approach is simple: We do not want to be paid for transactions. This could be misleading in terms of reaching good performance for our mandates. We want to manage portfolios of equities, bonds and certificates mainly with a total return approach. That means: We want to rely on long term relationships with our clientele, delivering good performance related to the individual risk attitude of our mandates. The third party depot bank just has to provide reliable processes at a low cost base. That is why we preferably work together with German discount banks to keep transaction costs at a minimum.

View onto the river Elbe from Elbphilharmonie
View onto the river Elbe from Elbphilharmonie

Germany is a safe harbour and Hamburg is its Pearl!

Have you ever taken into consideration that Germany may be the ideal place for you to invest portions of your own financial wealth?

With the disappearance of the banking secret in most countries across the globe, we believe there to be many other factors that contribute to the safety of your investment. For example Germany offers:

• Political stability

• Social stability

• Strong anti-fraud measures

• Constitutional democracy

• Supervised financial sector with all international connections

• Good international infrastructure (airports, highways and high speed trains)

It is some of these aforementioned regards to Germany that make Hamburg a very attractive city for your wealth and ensures it will continue to grow in the wealth management sector. Geographically we do not have mountains here close to the German coast at the shores of the river Elbe. But some people here could really pile up mountains with their holdings in EUR, USD, CHF… Yes, Hamburg is a rich city with several EUR-billionaires and uncounted millionaires. This is partly based of the tradition of being a trade point in Europe with its important harbor – “Hamburg is the gate to the world.” This refers to Germany but also many of our neighbor countries and Eastern Europe as well. People from around the globe are familiar with some of the most iconic sights in Hamburg, answers such as "Sankt Pauli", the "Reeperbahn district", or "the harbour at the river Elbe" are frequently recognized by people even as far away as Brazil.

What we can do for You

Amongst our many other services, we regard the following to be of the highest importance:

• Management of individual portfolios / segregated accounts (starting from 1 Mio EUR)

• Management of portfolios in standardized strategies via mutual funds or single equities* (starting from 50,000 EUR)

• Financial Planning (e.g. Analysis of your personal household cash in- and outflows and making proposals to optimize these)

• Management of Foundation Funds

• Management of Institutional Funds

• Coaching you in your business relation with German banks

Coming up soon: A strategy that combines fundamental investing with social media investing



Manuel Franz

Managing Director
Main Field of Activity:
Strategic Asset Allocation
Financial Planner (Frankfurt School)
Financial Consultant (Frankfurt School)
Phone: 040 / 20 90 765 - 50
E-Mail: m.franz(at)format-am.de

Bastian Burmeister

Advisory Committee
Member of Investment Committee
Main Field of Activity:
Managing Director of FORMAT Kanzlei für Investment & Finanzen
Financial Planner (Frankfurt School)
Financial Consultant (Frankfurt School)
Phone: 040 / 20 90 765 - 50
E-Mail: b.burmeister(at)format-am.de

Christoph Vogt

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager
Main field of activity:
Management of Equity Portfolios
Marketing & PR
Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA)
Phone: 040 / 20 90 765 - 50
E-Mail: c.vogt(at)format-am.de

Contacts and more!

Our Office is located in the downtown area of Hamburg:

Schopenstehl 20
20095 Hamburg

T: +49 (40) 20 90 765 50
F: +49 (40) 20 90 765 60
E: info@format-am.de

You find us just a 3 min. walk away from the famous townhall in an old office building, called "Normannenhof". 

Regular office hours are between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Clients may contact us at day and night via mobile phone. Please do not hesitate to drop us a message via contact form at this page. We prefer English as a common language for our international clients. 

We recommend these very good hotels in Hamburg:

          (Traditional 5 Star Grand Hotel Style at the inner Alster, downtown)

          (Traditional 5 Star Grand Hotel Style, Downtown at the Alster)

          (Luxury Hotel in St. Pauli with unparalleled harbour view and its renowned bar "20 up")

          (Stylish and well located for shopping travelers, Hamburgs first 5 Star Design Hotel)

          ("Our" 5 Star Luxury Hotel, just a 5 Min. walk away in the city center)


Special Guests receive Special Service

Should you wish to plan just a quick stop to our beautiful home town or even an extended stay, we would be delighted to assist you in organizing anything for your convenience. Be it private sightseeing tours inclusive of the production of a personal photo album (upon request) or a limousine shuttle service... Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require as it would be our utmost pleasure to make your stay in Hamburg as enjoyable as possible.  

Should you travel via plane to Hamburg, find all information directly on the homepage from Hamburg Airport, right here. http://www.ham.airport.de/en/index.phtml

If you prefer private air travel, please refer to this page: www.airport.de/en/87.html

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